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UX Design team culture & cohesion

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

UX designers/contractors. We say UX is about people, yet, are we investing enough time getting to know one another in a new team?

Example: You walk into a new role & straight into the project. No time invested in getting to know your team well enough, & more importantly, them getting to know you, as the newbie. (Skills mismatch happens, but so does personality mismatch. Like any relationship)

How do contractors adjust? Is it even a problem?

I would think that the stronger the team, the more likely we are to build great products for the outside world. If we don’t understand each other on a deeper, personal level, how can we...well, you get the picture.

Think of a sports team. The longer they are together, the stronger their bond. In theory. New recruits are initiated with the larger playing group to quickly adjust to the new environment & personalities. (Assuming the team are professional & ambitious of course)


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