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Does today's design last?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

What are we designing/building today which will last for at least 2000 years? We believe good design is timeless, yet...

...despite our tech advancements, our cars last us for 20 years before we replace them. Our roads last for 20 years before we fix them. Our houses last for 20 years before we update them (or knock them down). Whereas the ancient world, using basic materials compared to modern day, left behind reminders of true human innovation.

The world's first professional, full-time army, upgraded their bronze weaponry to intelligently engineered iron, including: swords, spear blades, helmets & even scales sewn as armour on to their tunics. Engineers also developed siege engines, built bridges, dug tunnels, & perfected supply & communication systems.

Such was the quality of their machinery, that a siege ramp, built over 2000 years ago, can still be seen in Tel Lachish in modern day Israel, among other artifacts spread across the Middle East, modern day Iraq & showcased in museums.

With all of our tech today, will something like the iPhone or curved smart TV be discovered to be in working order 2000 years from now? Will it last?

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