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Design Software & Tools

Melbourne / Sydney / Adelaide / Brisbane

9am - 5pm

Individuals & small teams

Design tools are ever changing. What was 'industry standard' a few years ago is now, not. While nothing can replace traditional writing tools & paper, it's important to stay relevant with tools which improve our productivity. 


You Can Learn What You Like

Learn 1 tool, or group them together. It's completely up to you.

axure rp.png

Powerful interactive prototypes

Most popular wireframing and prototyping tool

Visual prototyping tool from



Each tool is explored from a beginners perspective, from the ground up, by first exploring it's purpose, features, menu, tool bars etc. We'll start a project together & have some fun.

Where possible, we'll happily use your existing project. Please discuss this with us.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Anybody wanting to learn a new tool

  • Anyone new to Design

Tools such as Sketch Adobe XD for example, are also used for Creative & Web Design projects, not necessarily for pure UX work. 

InVision is a tool perfect for paper prototypes also. Upload images, make clickable, share with others (use it for user testing) & you're away! It's versatility extends to mood boards as well as the freehand feature

Mural is our new favourite tool. Loaded with plenty of UX friendly templates for your project, teams can share their work easily. 

Balsamiq Axure are still the mainstays of industry tools, allowing for quick static wireframes while being powerful enough to extend to more complex, functionality driven interactive prototypes. 

Who Will Teach Me?

Mostly me: John Isaac, but at times, we will bring in other experts when exploring more complex & deep features.

As of 2018, I have helped dozens of people transition into UX Design & helped existing Designers upskill & further their career. 

I have taught at General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia & am a mentor with the likes of Career Foundry & Design Labs.

I am also UX Certified via Nielsen Norman, the leading experts in UX, Usability & web standards training & education.

What is the minimum class size?

Individuals & small teams

While there is no minimum class size requirement, this program is ideal for individuals & small teams. 

Where is the class located?

At your place. If you have the space, we're happy to come to you. All we need is access to a projector or TV. 

Elsewhere. We are happy to accommodate you at an alternative venue depending on group size & can also provide catering/refreshments. We're happy to discuss options with you.

Program Fee

To be fair, we found that charging per person rates is not realistic & suitable for everyone. Our goal is to share knowledge & educate rather than squeeze every dollar from you. For this reason, we quote each program individually & provide a flat fee. 


1 week of personal mentoring via email or phone may be included at no charge if requested.

Register Your Interest

Submit some basic information & I will be in touch to discuss your needs in more detail. I'll then be able to provide you with a more accurate cost & approach.

Please note:

Costs may vary depending on location if an alternative venue is required.

FAQs - Questions we're often asked

What do I need to bring?

A laptop would be good, for note taking & referencing. Otherwise, a notepad & pen will do. More importantly, you'll need energy & a positive attitude!

What is the time of the program?

9am - 5pm either on a weekday or on a Saturday. Please let us know if 9am - 5pm does not work for you. We have had instances where the program was needed to be split over 2 days due to scheduling conflicts. 

What is the location of the program?

Most of the programs are held at our client's premises. We are happy for you to arrange an alternative venue. If you do not have appropriate space or resources such as a projector or large TV, we are happy to arrange a venue for you at a convenient location.

Why do you charge per person?

Simply, we prepare materials & resources for each individual & plan our content & delivery accordingly. We do this so each participant receives a personal experience & feels as engaged as possible. 

We are however, more than happy to discuss costs with you based on your needs.

What happens after the program?

Depending on the program selected & your goals, you may need some assistance implementing your learnings into your business. For this reason, we are happy to provide email & phone support upon request for a period of 7 days at no additional charge.

If you need support for a longer period, please let us know. Our aim, apart from education, is to provide you with the ability to implement learnings either at work or within your personal life & interests.

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