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Time doesn't change. People do.

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

When I hear "Times have changed", I shake my head. People change. Time is constantly moving forward. Don't justify something by using the "Times have changed" message, because it holds little weight. Our minds & actions have changed.

Watching a recent Gary Vaynerchuk interview, his guest said, in a defeatist, resigned tone, "If you work, you live." He didn't mean if you work, you live with purpose & satisfaction. In context, he meant that if you work, you survive this world. This is a sad truth. How did we get here?

We now look down on those who we believe do not have a strong work ethic, defined by how many hours they spend working, or hard they 'hustle'.

I compare my family's life in the 80s to the life we are trying to lead now. 

In the 80's

  • Single income

  • Lego & toy cars

  • Free-to-air TV

  • KMart

  • Groceries

  • $0.25 Cheeseburger 

  • Savings in the bank

  • Oh, we were so happy.


  • 2-3 incomes

  • iPads, smartphones

  • Netflix (or Hulu, Foxtel, Amazon etc)

  • Gym/Cross-fit membership

  • Mobile phone contract

  • Internet contract

  • Endless online shopping options

  • Groceries + organic food

  • Don't know what saving is

Oh, the pressure!


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