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My Gap Year Reflection: Canada

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I had just escaped a destructive relationship. I decided to do something completely different. I changed my environment.

Here's what happened

In 2006, I spent just over a year in a small, cold region of Canada, on the border of Alberta & Saskatchewan.

-25 celsius. Daylight until 11pm. Sunrise at 3am. Amazing. First time I had seen snow (Jindabyne school excursion doesn't count!).

The 4 hour bus ride from Edmonton airport made me realise how far from home I really was. It was a beautiful landscape, scenes from a movie, but it was nothing like Sydney's western suburbs. What was I doing?

I knew how to cook but knew nothing about alcohol, let alone running a chain of restaurants & bars. I had to rely on my creative ability to make it work.

I learned quickly that your environment can have a powerful impact on your character. I picked it up, taught myself, read blogs, spoke to the right people & kept pinching myself.

When given the right platform & by appreciating your environment, you can do great things.

Look around. Sometimes a change of environment is all you need.

I'll make you a mean buffalo burger with Canadian bacon :)

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