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How do we react when called?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Everyday we’re presented with the opportunity to do something good for someone. A good deed.

Yesterday my wife had a fast food craving so at our local store while waiting for her food, a young man walked in an approached a couple who were having their meal & asked them “Please buy me a cheeseburger & fries?” The man replied “No mate go & ask someone else.”

The young man then came our way but did not approach us, instead asking a man wearing a suit sitting beside us working on his laptop. The man replied “Just a cheeseburger & fries? Are you sure?” The young man nodded. “I’d be happy to. Give me a sec.” The man in the suit then got up & ordered for the young man.

When his food arrived, the young man started eating & was dancing in his seat. My wife (who was facing him) looked at me & started crying. She said “he is so happy with his food.”

The young man was clearly in need.

One person had the chance to make this young mans day, but another person decided to grab the opportunity.

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