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Fix The Things You Do Every Day

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

We’re awake for 16 hours a day. 5 of those are for maintenance. We’re left with 11. 7 or so are for work. We’re left with 4.

If you’re spending 15 minutes everyday doing something painful or stupid, it’s like 10% of your productive life.

A vacation is not important because you’re only doing it once. How you treat each other at lunch time if you eat together every day, that’s your life. Fix that. Is the food good? Are you happy with the people sitting there? You do this everyday. Now 10% of your life is fixed.

It’s important to fix how we come home, especially to loved ones. How do we enter our house & how are we greeted? It’s important to get it right. This is why many people get a dog, a dog gets it right every time. They’re happy to see us.

And because the dog gets it right, we’ll feed the dog & clean up after it for the rest of it’s life! So if you have kids & let them greet you when you come home & give them someone positive to greet, they’ll be happy to see you. That’s important. You’re doing it everyday.

(Jordan Peterson was explaining how a parent was spending 45 minutes each day fighting with their child about when they should go to sleep. That equates to 1 & a half working months a year fighting with a child, resulting in resentment)

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