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Don't be vanilla. Be chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate.

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Who likes vanilla ice cream? From a menu of multiple ice creams, would you choose vanilla over chocolate or strawberry? Would you choose mango & passionfruit?

We don't want vanilla. Vanilla is the safe choice. It's plain. Boring. We are human & we crave flavour & choice.

We, as humans, are supposed to be different!

We were all created as unique individuals, different in looks, emotions, tastes, expectations etc. Our goal in life is to find compatible people to be friends with. At times, we clash, we have disagreements, we question someone else's personality. Why is this a bad thing? It's natural.

What is important is our reaction to these moments. Never forget that we are different. If you think the person in front of you is different or strange, just remember that at the same time, you are different or strange to someone else.

Don't expect everyone to be or act like you. Don't be vanilla. Be chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate. Which flavour are you?

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