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Airports need to be redesigned?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Airports. Lawless. Airports fascinate me because they are not spaces designed to be comfortable, yet:

Tired? Sleep on the floor.

7am? Drink a beer, no worries.

Hungry? Over pay for chips.

Take your shoes off. Shave in the bathroom. 

Don't worry about people. They're not looking at you. 

If you're in Vegas, play the slots. Why not. Try catching an Uber/Lyft from LAX. Good luck. Try catching a train in Melbourne. Oh... 

I've heard many times "Airports need to be redesigned" & while I agree that certain parts of the system, such as security for example, could be improved, overall it seems it just works.

Aesthetically, sure, it could be more visually pleasant. Even the business lounges feel sterile & all of the faux leather, marble & smiles only improve the experience ever so slightly, at some cost. 

So until someone dares to redesign the airport experience (& assuming they do a great job)...our flight is delayed. Typical. 

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