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Projects I'm working on. 

My life.

Startups and community work.

Child Care Platform

Startup​ // Search, engage, transact

My Child Care startup aims to improve the current landscape through community networks. Our aim is to provide the right tools for parents to find suitable services in their local area based on personal criteria. 

We also aim to make the lives of service providers less stressful and more time efficient. 

Design education for kids

Startup​ // Project based learning

Teaching others what I know is my #1 passion. It's a way for me to connect with others on a deeper, emotional level while continuing to develop my own skills and knowledge. 

This time, I'm teaching Primary and Secondary aged children both in-school and during weekend workshops.  

Build a school, from scratch

Community​ // Primary and Secondary

I'm fortunate enough to be a committee member for a new private school located in Melbourne's western suburbs. The school will be part of the 21st century learning program, featuring interactive, tech focused facilities.

My role as Design Consultant is to ensure we build the right school for teachers and students by applying Design Thinking and best practices. 

The primary school will be built first, followed by the secondary school.

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