How much is cash costing your business?

  • Concept testing with small business customers

  • In-branch interviews with business customers depositing cash

  • How would customers react if cash usage was affecting their business?

Going Cashless

NAB had set out to encourage and support small businesses to go cashless.

There were 2 types of cash use:

What we wanted to understand was:

a. Were businesses gradually phasing out cash?

b. What would it take to completely remove cash from their business? Was this even realistic?

1. 80% cash / 20% digital​

2. 20% cash / 80% digital

ATM Cash Deposits - What We Noticed

We needed to understand HOW people were depositing cash & how their behaviour was affected by environment, time constraints & other factors.



At one particular branch in the CBD, we noticed:


  • Many customers were unsure which ATM was the correct one to deposit their EBD bag

  • 4 customers asked us for assistance, assuming we were staff members

  • 2 customers attempted to fit the bag in the slot on the last ATM, which is incorrect

  • These ATMs looked different to another branch we visited

  • The smart ATM was actually out of order when we arrived due to IT issues

In-branch Observations - What We Noticed

At another CBD branch, we noticed:


  • Only 1 teller was open, managed by a trainee

  • 2 business customers were at the teller attempting to deposit $10k worth of cash

  • 1 of the customers could not provide appropriate ID and returned back to the office

  • A senior team member took over the teller to assist the customer

  • Overall, the customer was at the teller for 17 minutes

Up to 30 minutes for staff to bag and record all EBDs

The branch manager told us they were already understaffed, and everyday 2 staff members were required to spend up to 30 minutes to bag and record all EBD bags. 

We were then invited into the back office to observe this process. 

Speedy Interviews

We had to work quickly & grab customers on their way out of the branch. Needless to say, most of them were already late for something.

Some questions we asked:

a. How often do you count cash?

b. Who counts the cash? (Is it based on seniority?) 

c. How often do you deposit cash at the bank?

d. How long does the entire process take?

If the business handled more digital transactions, we wanted to understand:

a. Their process for setting up the cashless system;

b. Decision factors to provide a cashless system;

c. Cost of running a cashless business

Key Findings

Product dependent

Consumer expectation for quick transactions based on product. i.e. Coffee

Time constraints

Time consuming & potential security issues.

Leverage technology

Less paperwork. Great for mobile payments.

Resource heavy

Limited resources at bank branches. Time & staff.

Concept Test

Cost of Cash Calculator - Concept Test

We received data which analysts used to calculate the cost of cash. We then turned this data (Excel spreadsheet) into a visual mockup we could present to customers.

Cost of Cash Calculator - Landing Page

HMW communicate to business owners, that reducing cash usage will save their business money?

What steps could a business owner take to reduce cash usage? Is it realistic? What is required? How can NAB make this happen?

Cost of Cash Calculator - Concept

Is this immediately self-explanatory? Will customers have all required information on hand? Are next steps clear?

Concept test key findings

  • Customers didn't immediately understand the "Let's compare that to cards" section

  • Customers couldn't fill in the required fields in the "Let's compare that to cards" section because they didn't have the information at hand 

  • Customers were expecting "Next steps" which was relevant to their business


Test findings were presented back to the wider business. NAB was encouraged to provide effective tools to allow businesses to easily shift towards using less cash. 


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